Learn how to Energize Your Life... 
the Natural Way Without Pills or Quick-Fixes!
Are you struggling with:
 Low Energy? Fatigue? 
Exhaustion? Burn-out? 
Moodiness? Brain Fog?
Welcome to 
The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women!
Does this sound familiar?
You feel you are constantly running on the treadmill of life and can't catch your breath and it...is...exhausting.

You live in the endless 'wired and tired' cycle: too wired to sleep at night, too tired to enjoy the day.

You need coffee and energy drinks to make it through your day...all day, every day.

You feel less inspired, less creative and less productive than you did when you were younger.

You feel depleted, scattered and disconnected from your body and mind.

You fear your friends, family and co-workers will judge you as being lazy because you are too tired to do the social, fun things you used to enjoy.

You feel like your life is on hold waiting until you feel better the next day...but... you don't.
Your life does not have to be this way!
I have developed a proven methodology to end the cycle and get you back to enjoying life on your own terms.
I want to help you put an end to your struggle and that is why I have created the
The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women: 12-Weeks to Energized!
In this program, you will learn how to transform your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle to live with abundant energy.
I know how it feels to be exhausted and trying to survive on low energy all day. Waking in the morning with the first thought being 'when do I get to go back to bed?'. Being overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to get done. And, feeling like I was conducting my life from one nap to the next. 
I am Kristi Ryan, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach and creator of the The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women. I support, educate, motivate and empower busy, ambitious women to have abundant energy, better moods and healthier lives. I practice what I teach and have used the proven strategies that I will be teaching you to get my energy back and feel amazing again.
This program is for you if...
  • You drag yourself out of bed feeling foggy and moody after tossing and turning all night. 
  • Caffeine is your best friend...that makes you feel jittery, nervous and on edge all day.
  • You've tried medication and it makes you feel worse
  • You are unable to stay focused and feel productive when trying to work.
  • You want to maintain a healthy weight and feel good in your skin.
  • You are looking for a long-term solution that really works. 
It takes 30 days to make a new habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle.
In this 12-Week program, you will learn the exact steps to transform your sleep, stress management, nutrition, digestion, mindset and movement aspects of your life. It is when all of these areas are optimized and working synergistically that you will have sustainable energy to keep you feeling healthy, young and vibrant.
The ultimate goal is for you to achieve lifelong and lasting results so you are healthy and energized now and into your future!
I have gotten the education and developed the tools, strategies and techniques that I need to live a life filled with energy on my terms. My passion in life is to teach as many women as I can to feel the same way.
The empowerment and freedom you gain from having abundant energy to live a healthy and happy life is priceless!
We are all unique and have so much to offer. I feel the world is missing out if we cannot ALL live up to our full potential. I would love to give you the support you need and to be an ally on your journey.
Imagine if your life could look like this...
You wake up in the mornings feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the day!
You feel focused, clear and alert!
You enjoy spending time with friends and family without feeling that you would rather be taking a nap!
You have the freedom to choose to do whatever you want because you no longer have the fatigue dragging you down!
You spend your day feeling productive and creative!
You achieve what you set your mind to...goals that you thought were once unattainable because of your lack of energy and focus!
How would your life be if you felt this way every day?
What You Can Expect From This Program
Increase your energy levels the natural way so you face each day with joy and enthusiasm.
Discover lifelong healthy nutrition habits and energy enhancing techniques.
Learn how to balance your blood sugar so you can avoid the energy crashes you have trained yourself to live with.
Successfully manage the stress factors that greatly influence your energy, health and longevity.
Boost your immunity naturally, optimize your digestion and balance your hormones. 
Incorporate life transforming mindset and habit change techniques that you will have access to when managing your health and energy levels.
"I would recommend the The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women Program to each and every one who has the slightest interest in bettering their life. This is a program for those people who want to stop worrying and start living, people who want to live life blissfully. Kristi is the most welcoming, friendly and supportive person ever. From the first call, I was down for this program. Part of your change and focusing on yourself is to get a good guide and I was lucky! I am no longer tired all the time, no longer lazy all the time. Certainly can control negative thoughts much better than before and even succeed most of the time in guiding that energy to a better use. Eternally grateful!"
"The Abundant Energy Method for Busy Women Program is full of useful information in a variety of pertinent categories. And, Kristi is great to work with...positive and a wealth of knowledge. The program is full of useful tips and I have noticed positive changes in my energy levels and overall health especially since I have developed more mindful sleep habits. If you are thinking about enrolling in the program, go for it!"  
What is included?
12-Weekly Modules focusing on the 5 Pillars of Energy Wellness.
Handouts, Worksheets, and Action Tasks to support and guide you to lifelong change. 
Program + Coaching Package! One-on-one coaching calls are included with your program for personalized and individualized support.
Lifelong membership in the private Facebook group, The Abundant Energy Method, reserved exclusively for members of this program to receive peer support on your journey.
Special Bonus Guides to enhance your learning experience. 
Schedule a FREE Strategy Session and together we will get you started on your journey today!
Are you ready to live your life with abundant energy?
To learn and compile all of this information and receive the personalized coaching that you will gain access to in this program would take years of research and education on your own. 
But...I have already done all of the hard work for you!
And...if you were trying to figure all of this out on your own you would not have the expertise of a supportive coach as an ally, motivator and educator that it takes for successful, lasting outcomes in the journey to full transformation.
*This program is currently open for enrollment with only a limited number of spots available.
Money-back guarantee: The goal is your satisfaction! If you complete the first 2 modules and decide that the program is not working for you, the you will be refunded 100% of your investment.
If you don't start working on your fatigue issues now...when will you?
To get started, just click the button below for your FREE Strategy Session and you will be on your way to ending your fatigue and Energizing Your Life!
To achieve your 12-Week Transformation you will receive:
  • Weekly Modules to guide you step-by-step through your journey without overwhelm.
  • Action Tasks designed to be simple to implement in order to initiate lifelong habit changes. 
  • Worksheets to support your learning process as you move through the modules. 
  • One-on-one coaching calls for a high-level of personalized and individualized support. 
  • Membership in The Abundant Energy Method private Facebook group only for program members. 
  • Bonus Guides designed to further enhance your experience in your transformational journey.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are the program materials delivered? Once you are enrolled in the program, you will receive secure and private access to MemberVault which is your all-inclusive learning platform. You will be able to listen to the audio of each lesson or to read the transcripts. Here, you will also find your worksheets and weekly action tasks assignments. 
How does the money-back guarantee work? If you complete all of the material of the first 2 modules and realize that this program is not right for you, for whatever reason, then you will receive a refund of 100% of your investment. In order to receive a refund, you will be required to submit all of your completed materials in order to show that you did the work. 
I'm so busy! What if I don't have the time? This program has been designed with your busy schedule in mind and in order to create the small changes that will result in a big transformation over time. You will have to plan ahead and schedule some time in advance which is important if you want to focus on yourself, your health and your well-being as you will get out of it what you put into it. Each module consists of 1-3 lessons, either audio or transcript.  Everything is laid out for you, step-by-step, so as to be simple to learn and implement as you move through the program.
How are the one-on-one coaching sessions conducted? We will meet for approximately 30 minutes for each session via phone call or Zoom-whichever you prefer. International calls are done via Facebook messenger. 
Will I lose weight by following this program? While weight-loss cannot be guaranteed, by following the protocols for a healthy, energized life, it is possible that you will be able to shed those unwanted, extra pounds. 
What if I enroll but cannot start the program? Life happens! If you are enrolled and something comes up that prohibits you from starting, then you can either get a full refund or postpone your start date until you are ready. 
Is this program for me if I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia? While this program does focus on fatigue issues and could be very helpful, you may need to work with a program that addresses those specific conditions. If you are unsure, please book a Strategy Session so we can discuss what will work for your individual situation. 
What if I need support in between the coaching calls? Email support will be available if you reach a roadblock and need help in between the coaching sessions. You can also ask for peer support inside the private Facebook group.
This is a big investment for me. Do you have a payment plan? If you are unable to pay the full cost up front, you are able to split it into 3 payments that will be made over 3 months. 
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